Our Attorneys have vast experience in all aspects of real estate transactions, including: acquisition and disposals of residential properties, subdivisions and commercial projects; joint ventures; developments; construction projects and contracts; leases and real estate management; cross-border transactions; mortgages; and compliance issues relating to land use and regulations.

Our clients benefit from our significant experience in orchestrating complex, long-term projects that involve drafting documentation, facilitating negotiations, navigating legal and regulatory issues and, when necessary, litigating on their behalf. The firm currently acts for one of the largest Spanish hoteliers in the island and also represents mortgage finance institutions and building societies.

As part of your purchase we can give you information on the taxes, costs/fees involved and documents required, such as opening and closing costs, transfer tax, lender's fees, etc. Our conveyancing expertise spans private and public companies, institutional investors and government entities. We can address all your conveyancing issues, questions and concerns.

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